Tuesday, August 5, 2003

making faces: makeup 101

The Portsmouth Herald recently sat down with making faces' owner, Annie Loomis (pictured on left).  The interview led to an article about the "Make Up 101" sessions making faces offers.

The Herald Wrote:
"Making Faces' services include everything from tips for customers on specific products to makeup for special occasions, and photo and film shoots. Loomis also offers "Makeup 101," a chance for customers to bring in their own makeup and determine which products work for them, and where they need to change or add some new ones to achieve the best look for their lifestyle."
 Makeup 101 is an hour long, and available for $50. This instructional one-on-one lesson will take you through the basic fundamentals of skincare and make-up application, teaching you the proper use of product, color, and techniques. No matter what your comfort level or lifestyle is we can help you achieve a "polished up" not "made-up" look. Wait and see how easy it is to do yourself. 

Call to book today, (603) 427-5454

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