Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Oh, mother nature- getting in the way of beauty AGAIN!  Although the flakes falling and the ice outside are pretty, driving on it isn't. We wouldn't expect any "mf girl" to be out driving today. So, in light of the weather we will be open all day exclusively through our facebook page.

Throughout the day we'll be holding another contest. Here's how it'll work:

We'll be posting 10 questions throughout the day. No answer is right, because every mf shopper is different.  Comment with an answer and you'll be entered to win a FREE beauty product. If you comment on any question at anytime today you'll automatically be entered in to a raffle.

Each question is another chance to win! What do you have to lose?

So, remember:
  • 10 questions. 
  • 10 chances to win some amazing beauty loot.

Stay warm and safe today! xoxo

1 comment:

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