Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Oh, mother nature- getting in the way of beauty AGAIN!  Although the flakes falling and the ice outside are pretty, driving on it isn't. We wouldn't expect any "mf girl" to be out driving today. So, in light of the weather we will be open all day exclusively through our facebook page.

Throughout the day we'll be holding another contest. Here's how it'll work:

We'll be posting 10 questions throughout the day. No answer is right, because every mf shopper is different.  Comment with an answer and you'll be entered to win a FREE beauty product. If you comment on any question at anytime today you'll automatically be entered in to a raffle.

Each question is another chance to win! What do you have to lose?

So, remember:
  • 10 questions. 
  • 10 chances to win some amazing beauty loot.

Stay warm and safe today! xoxo

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Did you watch The View today?

Today on The View InStyle's Beauty Director, Amy Synnott-D'Annibale went over some of the highlighted products featured in their 15th annual "Best Beauty Buys" issue which hits stands this May.

Well, ladies 2 of the products feautured on the show are available at making faces

1. Fresh Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15
"This is the lip color you wish you had been born with—and because the sheer, rosy hue flatters all complexions, people might believe that you were. Bonus: The pigment is delivered in an oil-rich bullet that hydrates every bit as well as your thickest balm (without the goop factor)." (Check this product, and more from the Fresh line at making faces!)

2. Moroccanoil Treatment
"Almost every hairstylist we consult these days rhapsodizes about this nourishing oil—and now we understand why. Just a few drops placed on damp locks before blow-drying made our hair super-shiny and soft. And it’s so amazingly weightless, it works on the thinnest to the thickest hair." (Check out the ENTIRE line in-store, we even offer travel size products!)

Come in to making faces to check these "best beauty buys" out in person!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Restart your skin's metabolism on 4/23/10!

Products like this make skincare so exciting! Kate Somerville's Cyto Cell: Dermal Energy Treatment is cutting-edge technology in the anti-aging field.

As we get older, our skin's cell-count depletes. Cyto-Cell's essential ingredient: P-199 combats skin-cell depletion head on. Aging happens to everyone, and until this product, there was no "needle-free" solution to fight this particular sign of aging. What this "miracle" peptide ingredient does is stimulate your DNA to regenerate these cells, and promote the birth of new, healthy skin cells.

This is a daily treatment, and is sold in a 1.7 oz container. One bottle will be $150; but we promise you that it is completely worth the price. If you're a "kate fan" then you know how well the products in her line work. The Cyto-Cell treatment is comparable in price to her Deep Tissue Repair Cream. Plus, the bottle has a measured one-pump application that is sure to keep you stocked for months.

We're expecting this to sell out on our first shipment, so if you're interested please call making faces to reserve!! 



Saturday, April 3, 2010

Moroccan Oil hits making faces' shelves!

What do Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Maggie Gylllenhall, Jennifer Lopez, and countless other celebrities have in common?

 This miracle product has been making its rounds. It's been a featured "favorite" of countless celebrities and TV personalities this month. It's been plastered all over our favorite beauty magazines too. We'd even venture to guess that it's found a hiding spot in the beauty closet of that friend (that we all have) with amazingly flawless hair. 

Moroccan Oil has now made its way to making faces! The secret behind this amazing line of products is Argan Oil.  It's one of the rarest oils in the world, and has been used for hundreds of years by women in Morocco to reverse the damage caused by the hot climate. 

Now, Moroccan Oil products can help you reverse the heat damage on your hair. This line is selling off our shelves faster than we can restock!  It's not tested on animals and contains no animal ingredients. It smells amazing. And bottom line: it works. Come in to making faces today and check this miracle product out!

Until then, check out their website to learn more and keep your eyes peeled- this is definitely a product you'll be seeing EVERYWHERE!


Monday, March 8, 2010

March Madness: Philosophy's unconditional love

It's March Madness at making faces!
Spring 2010 lines from all of our vendors are arriving daily, and despite the rain it's a little sunnier here with all these new products. The video above is of one of our new favorite items: Philosphy's Unconditional Love 

This scent is brand new to the Philosophy fragrance line. What makes Philosophy's fragrances unique is that you can layer them (meaning you can use several products from the line at once.) Fragrances by Philosophy have the ability to last all day without ever being overpowering; which makes Unconditional Love a fragrance you can easily layer with any of the 4 other products in the line.

The heart of the fragrance is black currant, a sweet and floral scent. This scent is further complimented by the floral scents Bulgarian Rose and White Lilly. Then the scent is dried down with woody notes that have a cashmere vanilla base. The end result, is described as a sweet and fruity, yet musky fragrance.

Come in to Making Faces at 65 Bow Street in Portsmouth, NH to check out the entire Unconditional Love line and discover a fragrance that you'll unconditionally love.

The Unconditional Love Line Includes:
  • 16 oz. perfumed shampoo, bath and shower gel: $22 
  •  16 oz. perfumed firming body emulsion: $34
  •  1.7 oz. spray fragrance: $40
  •  5 oz. body butter- highly emollient moisturizer: $28

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stila Makeup Player Hits Shelves!

  At a glance, the Stila Makeup Player appears to be a sleek, stylish black patent leather makeup case. But as the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover!

It’s one of our favorite products this spring and gives a glimpse in to the future of the beauty industry. The Stila Makeup Player marries “beauty” and “technology” and brings home expert tips and instruction at the push of a button. 

Here are a few reasons why we love this product:
  • It’s an mp3 player that allows you to blast your favorite music while getting ready.
  • The Stila Makeup Player is stocked with over $250 worth of brand’s essentials. Even better, it retails for less than $70. (Click here to learn more about what's included)
  • Finally, and most importantly, the Stila Makeup Player works in conjunction with StilaMakeupPlayer.com- a website where you can download makeup lessons on everything from creating a sexy smoky eye look to a natural everyday look. These lessons can be downloaded to any mp3 player or smart phone, and  can be played right from the cases' docking station!
The Stila Makeup Player brings home a professional touch. It’s an investment that we guarantee within a few lessons will be worth its weight in gold. 

Stop in today to pick up yours at making faces. We’re the only cosmetics retailer in New Hampshire or Maine that carry this must-have item!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

making faces does facebook

To all of our loyal beauty addicts:

Today making faces officially launched a facebook fan page. Many of our regulars found the page within hours. We are so grateful for all of the support! Please pass along word, and add the page if you haven't already.  There's a link at the top of our blog, or use the following address:


We're so excited to be able to relay the latest trends, tips, products, and coupons to our supporters more quickly than ever!!